Maestro Hoze Head Chef

With a father from Mallorca and a mother from Cuenca, José Cerdá (Maestro Hoze) was born in Sweden since his father worked on Stena Line cruise ships. After his birth the family moved to Mallorca and they stayed there until 1991, the year in which they returned to Sucia.

When Hoze was little he was fascinated by Samurais and their history, in fact one of his favorite series is Shogun 1980, but he never thought at that time that he would dedicate himself body and soul to Japanese gastronomy later on.

He went to a class they did at school that awakened his passion for gastronomy and cooking and, at the same time, an experience that turned out to be revealing for him.

They took him to eat a pizza in a mythical place in Mallorca owned by a good friend of the family where they did not let him choose his pizza; putting himself in the hands of the pizzaiolo master who made for him the best pizza of his life.

That same night he decided that he wanted to learn and make pizzas for the rest of his life. He began to read a lot about it, and having Mediterranean blood he became obsessed with Napoletana pizza and enrolled in culinary school for this purpose.

Shortly after his graduation he had an unfortunate accident that shattered his shoulder and made his dream of being a pizzaiolo come to an abrupt halt.

His purpose in life sank but one day his cousin took him to her favorite sushi place and as he ate and looked around him; Hoze felt the light again. It was the combination of history, craftsmanship and food that he had liked so much about pizza... and in a corner of that restaurant he glimpsed a Samurai armor that reminded him of his favorite childhood drawings; which he considered a sign of destiny.

The rest is history. Maestro Hoze opened what is today considered one of the most important bars in Europe in Gothenburg and joined KINU as a partner and Head Chef when he discovered that it was the possibility of returning to Spain that he had been waiting for so many years.